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As optometric practice reimbursement specialists, OptiBill has many years of experience and has been especially effective in increasing reimbursement revenue.

Additionally, we conduct audits on long term accounts receivable, denied claims, and written off charges which are often, indeed, still collectable.

Call today for an appointment to learn how OptiBill may be able to optimize your practice your practice revenue.

Optimize Revenue

OptiBill has demonstrated experience in evaluating billing, collections, and reimbursement systems and methods specific to Optometry. We can then recommend and help you implement systems and procedures which often result in substantially improved income for the practice.

Mature Accounts Receivables

Optibill will examine your aged AR and denied claims and determine if any of it may be collectible.

Optimize Productivity

Let an expert do the job. Outsourcing your billing will allow you and your staff to focus on your patients and you practice rather than negotiating with insurance companies. Optibill has proven to be successful in all aspects of optometric billing, including routine vision plans as well as medical. We have experience with issues such as Medicare, post cataract DMB and post-op care co-management. We can customize a billing program for your practice.

You Have Options

Renegotiate Insurance Contracts - OptiBill may be able to renegotiate insurance contracts for greater payment potential.

Regulatory Compliance - Minimize your exposure to the issues of compliance with medical billing and patient confidentiality regulations. OptiBill can help you make certain your practice is HIPAA compliant.

Call today to learn how OptiBill can improve your billing, collections, and office productivity.

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Revenue Improvement Chart

The chart below represents the revenue improvement experienced by a single independent optometric practice.

OptiBill has proven to be successful over the years in improving revenues in optometric practices. We cannot guarantee that you will experience identical results.

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